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VEA – The Vitreous Enamel Association
Approved Enamel Cleaning Products

To: Users of Cleaning Products

• Check products you use are tested as suitable for vitreous enamel?
• Is VEA V-logo: VEA Logo on container?
• Look for VEA V-logo: VEA Logo on container or check VEA Approved Cleaners List.
• Be sure all products you use to clean vitreous enamel are tested as suitable?
• If not tested to VEA Cleaner Scheme standards, you could do permanent and irreparable damage to your product.

VEA Approved Logo

VEA Approved Logo

For Manufacturers of Cleaning Products:
Have products tested as suitable for vitreous enamel, listed as Approved Cleaners & display VEA V-logo: VEA Logo
The VEA tests products for suitability for use on vitreous enamel? Your product could be on the VEA Approved Cleaners List and you will be able to use the VEA V-logo:  VEA Logo Please see: Manufacturers’ Information or Contact Us

The VEA provides a resource for the general public about the use, maintenance and cleaning of vitreous enamel and to this runs the Approved Cleaners Scheme for cleaning products for Vitreous Enamel. The VEA independently tests and approves cleaning products submitted by manufacturers. Approved Cleaning Products are entitled to display the VEA Approved Cleaner Logo. See Approved Cleaning Products list.  See Enamel Care for valuable Hints & Tips.