Independent Testing of Cleaner Products on Vitreous Enamel for the VEA

The Vitreous Enamel Association, known as The VEA organises independent testing of enamel cleaning compounds for domestic use.

The independent testing lab uses enamel sample panels precisely manufactured to defined standards.

Each has a different performance depending on its use as a bath, or cooker, or hob, or an oven enamel.

Test panels are dirtied with standard contaminant made to exactly the same formula for every test.

Each cleaning compound is poured onto the pad of a surface abrasion testing machine.

The machine runs for a pre-determined time for each sample.

Every cleaning compound is tested on every type of enamel to assess how it affects each when used to the instructions of the cleaner manufacturer and also when used incorrectly.

The testing run time varies with enamel sample and cleaning compound being tested for very precisely timed durations.

Once a cleaning product has been tested on the surface abrasion testing machine each enamel sample panel is minutely examined for cleaning effectiveness of the product and any enamel damage.

Details are recorded for each cleaning compound on each of the different samples whether for the outside of a cooker or the inside if an oven or a bathroom surface.

The VEA publishes lists of independently tested and Approved cleaners atĀ in its list of Approved Enamel Cleaners.