VEA Enamel Cleaner Scheme


VEA Enamel Care Cleaner Scheme Approved Cleaners. The Vitreous Enamel Association operates a scheme of accreditation of cleaning products which are suitable for the cleaning of vitreous enamel products.

Why do we need this? Vitreous enamel is glass fused onto the base metal, usually steel, by heating it to temperatures of around 800 degrees Celcius. Although it is a glass, it is not as hard or chemically resistant as window glass and will be damaged by harsh abrasives or aggressive chemicals. You have purchased a beautiful new cooker or range, cooking implement or bath and you want to keep it looking as good as the day it was delivered. Therefore you should only use the correct cleaning product and this is where the VEA Cleaner Scheme comes in.

We only approve products shown on the Approved Cleaners List. Take care in selecting cleaning products for use on vitreous enamel as there are some products on the market which may cause severe and irrecoverable damage to vitreous enamel. These should have a warning note stating that the product is unsuitable for use on vitreous enamel. So, to be safe, only use VEA approved cleaning products.

Products such as bathroom cleaners, oven cleaners, cookware cleaners, cleaning cloths and wipes are tested by an independent laboratory for their suitability. They are tested not only to see how effective they are when cleaning a number of standard soils, but also to ensure that they will not damage the vitreous enamel surface by scratching or by chemical action.

Some approved cleaning products are only intended to be used on specific products and will have been tested for that use. An oven cleaner will be tested for cleaning an oven and will not be suitable for bath, whereas a bathroom cleaner will be suitable for cleaning a bath but not a cooker. For this reason, products will show guidelines for their use. There are also some “general” cleaning products which are usable on all vitreous enamel surfaces which will have been tested for the full range of applications.

After testing and only if it is approved, a product will be permitted to carry the logo of the VEA together with our name and a note about the suitability. A full list of Approved Products is available with a link to the manufacturers’ product details. This is the labelling on a typical approved product:

Image: Example VEA logo on an enamel cleaning product

If any changes are made to the product such as a perfume or chemical change, the product will be re-tested. Random “spot- checks” are also carried out by the testing laboratory on behalf of the VEA. A retailed product is purchased and tested to ensure that the requisites for approval are maintained.

The method of using your cleaning product will be shown on the care instructions on the container but you will also find some useful tips and hints for cleaning and maintaining the look of your vitreous enamelled product on this site at :

Manufacturers of vitreous enamelled products are also being encouraged to provide detailed cleaning instructions with their products recommending the use of suitable VEA approved products.


Image: VEA Approved Cleaner Label