Buy, Use or Avoid! – Results of cleaning products tested on enamel

VEA News release – 25 February 2013

The Vitreous Enamel Association (VEA) urges shoppers to check its list of tested cleaning products at because potential trouble lies in store for users of some cleaning products on enamel.

Mystery shopping
On a mystery shopping exercise, the VEA purchased twenty cleaning products which had not been submitted to the VEA for testing.

In the VEA cleaning tests on kitchen and bathroom enamel with these twenty products previously not listed, none reached the VEA top ‘AA’ standard. On ovens, only six reached an ‘A’, four a ‘B’ and four a ‘C’.

On hobs, there were ten at ‘A’, and three on ‘B’. Across a total of eight cleaning products tested on bathroom enamel, most scored ‘A’, three were ‘B’ and three were ‘C’.

The message is clear.
Vitreous enamel will last a lifetime and longer especially if cleaned with suitable products. However it can be damaged and to avoid using the wrong cleaning product on vitreous enamel, the VEA invites everyone to check with the freely available list of Approved Enamel Cleaners on the VEA website at:

Speaking on the publication of the results, Chris Taylor of the VEA said, “Expensive kitchen and bathroom equipment can be damaged with the wrong enamel cleaners, especially some of the modern very corrosive cleaners. We want to avoid that happening.

Shoppers can be certain that products the VEA has tested and listed as ‘Approved’ when used as instructed will do their job without damage. For some other products that is not the case and when the damage is done, it is too late.

We hope everyone avoids damaging their vitreous enamel and The VEA Website lists Independently Tested and VEA Approved Enamel Cleaning Products, which can help.”


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